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Carly Yoon is CEO of Smart Library Bake Sales

Cary Yoon is the CEO of Smart Library Bake Sales.

Carly began in the Pencils for Africa (PFA) program when she was in 4th Grade in November, 2012.

Carly in 4th Grade at her first PFA meeting in November, 2012.

Carly was also the CEO of Portfolio PFA when she was in 6th, 7th and 8th Grade.

During Carly’s tenure as CEO, Portfolio PFA school fundraisers raised a total of $10,000, over a period of 30 months, and 11 school bake sale fundraisers, for 10 Africa focused nonprofits.

Carly, and the CEO of Portfolio CSR, Jake Chuharski, also made presentations to Carsten Henningsen, Founder and Investment Advisor to Progressive Investment Management.

Carly’s and Jake’s business presentations to Carsten Henningsen on the work of Portfolio PFA led to securing a Corporate Social Responsibility matching donation of $1,000 that was distributed evenly, with $100 donated to each of 10 Africa focused organizations supported by Portfolio PFA.

Carly is also the Treasurer for the Pencils for Africa Executive Board.

In her role as Treasurer, Carly oversees the finances of the PFA 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation.

Her responsibilities include overseeing the filing requirements for the state and federal nonprofit tax exemption status for Pencils for Africa; managing school fundraising finances for Smart Libraries; and preparing quarterly financial reports which are submitted to the PFA Executive Board.

As Treasurer, Carly practices the principles of fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability.

Carly graduated middle school in May, 2017.

She is now a first year high school student at The Branson School in Marin County, California, where she is Secretary Treasurer of the Student Council. Together with her co-authors Lucia, Ella, Charlotte and Shannon, Carly is co-author of “What is Smart?“. Carly is now working on her second book, on the nonprofit industry, to be called A Hand Up not A Hand Out.

As CEO of Smart Library Bake Sales, Carly is responsible for coordinating with schools around the world, to initiate bake sales for fundraising of a Smart Libraries prototype library in Kibera, Kenya.

Carly will work alongside her Smart Library Bake Sales directors, Anne Cutler and Alan Cutler, as well as our Student Ambassador Arabella Garcia-Hollman, who is currently based in Italy.

Student Ambassador Arabella Garcia-Hollman

PFA Student Ambassador Arabella will facilitate a Smart Library Bake Sale at her school in Italy.

Team Arabella: Lizzy, Avery and Emma

Arabella will receive back-up support from teammates Lizzy, Avery and Emma, pictured above.

Alan and Anne Cutler, co-directors of Smart Library Bake Sales

Alan and Anne Cutler are both teachers by profession and were the teachers in the middle school of Karim Ajania, a co-director of Pencils for Africa (PFA). The PFA program is inspired by Karim’s experience in Alan’s classroom, and Alan’s innovative teaching approach.

Alan took his classroom on wildlife field expeditions in Kenya, invited fascinating guest speakers, such as paleontologist Dr. Louis Leakey, took a deep interest in the multi-ethnic cultures of his classroom and engaged his students in delightful sing-alongs while playing his twelve-string guitar!

Meanwhile Anne, who was born and grew up in Kenya, has written an historical reflection on this multicultural school, Hospital Hill School, in Nairobi, Kenya called “A School in Kenya“.

The PFA Team have also interviewed Alan and Anne by Skype and have shared their reflections in “Reflections on Skyping with The Cutlers“.